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‘Six Things to Know When Going on an International Business Trip to China and Southeast Asia'
"Laura Liswood's book, The Loudest Duck, is a fabulous resource to take along with you on these trips as she explains cultural nuances around how we are programmed to believe such expressions as 'the squeaky wheel gets the grease' in the West." -- Mai Browne, May 2, 2014

  Catalyzing: The Catalyst Blog

‘Diversity of Nature'
Acting as a guest blogger for Catalyzing: The Catalyst Blog, Liswood describes the inequalities of nature that contribute to inequalities in workplace diversity. Drawing from her new book, The Loudest Duck: Moving Beyond Diversity, Liswood emphasizes the need to actively pursue diversity initiatives to create a healthy, dynamic workforce. Liswood points out that the ultimate challenge of diversity is how organizations are able to utilize it effectively.

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'The Loudest Duck - diversity

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'Confession Time - The Loudest Duck'


'The Loudest Duck'

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'We Hire For Difference and Fire Because They Are Not the Same'
In his Leadership Now blog, Mr McKinney describes The Loudest Duck, Ms Liswood's latest book, as a framework to begin to do the inner work necessary to bring about true diversity.


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