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Praise for The Loudest Duck

testimonialLaura Liswood has both great  theoretical and practical understanding of diversity - why it is important in organizations and why attempts to create it often fail to deliver. The Loudest Duck is essential reading for anyone who wants to maximize the effectiveness of organizations or just wants to understand why things are the way testimonialthey are.

Kim Campbell
Rt. Hon. Kim Campbell
Canada's 19th and First Female Prime Minister

testimonialI have been enjoying your book tremendously – The Loudest Duck is going to be a runaway bestseller! Your insights are just amazing – I’ve been around the diversity beat long enough to recognize a fresh, testimonialnew approach – you have done that and then some.

Janet Hanson
CEO and Founder, 85 Broads

testimonialDiversity is a popular buzzword, but too many organizations treat it as window-dressing. Laura Liswood explains how successful leaders learn to value diversity for the advantages it brings. This book is clearly written,testimonial savvy and wise.

Joseph S. Nye Jr.
University Distinguished Service Professor at Harvard University
Author of The Powers to Lead

testimonialThe Loudest Duck is a must read for managers and leaders of multinational corporations and international organizations.  It provides an insightful look and fresh approach to cultural and gender differences that must betestimonial better understood for a more effective workplace.

Ann M. Veneman
Executive Director, UNICEF

testimonialLaura Liswood brilliantly shows us how to get to Diversity 2.0 and beyond. A workplace of people from different backgrounds can lead to tensions, but this book shows, with great insights and examples, how it can lead to real creativity instead. It's an indispensable guide for managers and leaders -- and also for anyone who testimonialwants to succeed in any aspect of life.

Walter Isaacson
President and Chief Executive Officer, The Aspen Institute

testimonialLaura's timing is perfect and her message is spot on.  Embracing diversity creates competitive advantage.  Her book should be mandatory reading for everyone in business today.  In the most engaging, fun, and real way, Laura gets to the heart of the opportunity - enabling Noah's diverse floating Ark to fly to the moon and testimonialbeyond.

Beth Brooke
Global Vice Chair of Public Policy, Sustainability and Stakeholder Engagement,
Ernst & Young

testimonialGlobalized businesses are increasingly aware that diversity belongs in the boardroom, not the public relations department, so The Loudest Duck is beautifully timed. Liswood is thoughtful and thought-provoking. Best of all, she’s practical, helping ambitious employees from non-dominant groups to prove their worth, and testimonialadvising leaders how to transform diversity from rhetoric into an engine for innovation and growth.

Kevin Kelley
Chief Executive Officer, Heidrick & Struggles

testimonialIconoclastic and savvy, Laura Liswood’s The Loudest Duck reminds us that not all diversities in the Ark are equal: some in the Ark are louder and they get heard most. Combining an impressive breadth of research with colourful stories from corporate life, this book is essential reading for anyone who is serious about reaping testimonialthe promise of diversity at work.

Herminia Ibarra
Director, INSEAD Leadership Initiative
Professor of Organizational Behavior
The Cora Chaired Professor of Leadership and Learning

testimonialBrilliant! Liswood offers unique insight and fresh tools for a Diversity 2.0 world. Drawing on thinkers from Thucydides to Malcolm Gladwell, and more than three decades of executive experience, she offers leaderstestimonial ideas for building a meritocracy that will ensure corporate success.

Robin Gerber
Author of Leadership the Eleanor Roosevelt Way and Barbie and Ruth

testimonialThe Loudest Duck should be one of the essentials for every manager's professional toolkit. In an extremely user friendly and entertaining way, this book explains how unlevel playing fields and subtle inequities are created daily in many firms and goes the extra mile in providing guidance and solutions for both managers and employees on how they can change behaviors and actions to create more inclusive environments. It isn't just about diversity it's about having the best team representing your organization and finding business opportunities in a challenging economic environment. A GREAT READ!" "Of course! Why didn't I ever think of it like that?testimonial

Kathleen McQuiggan

testimonialYou will find yourself saying this to yourself over and over as you read this wonderfully practical, entertaining, and well-reasoned analysis of workplace diversity. This is solid advice based on Ms. Liswood's extensive experience in the field. Best of all, this is a book you will actually read -- and you will easily persuade others in your organization to read as well. It's NOT your standard consultant management book; you will come away with new insights and tools that will truly help level the playing field and cultivate the best from people at testimonialall levels in your organization.

Julie Hamre
Bethesda MD


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